Home Mobile Samsung wants to combine fingerprint reader with PIN code, patent reveals

Samsung wants to combine fingerprint reader with PIN code, patent reveals

Samsung wants to combine fingerprint reader with PIN code, patent reveals

Although it took a while to join the trend of the on-screen fingerprint reader, this year Samsung has implemented this security measure on many of its smartphones. While biometric sensors are becoming increasingly popular, many users still prefer the traditional PIN.

Using a PIN code is not always the safest way to protect your smartphone. Therefore, Samsung is developing a new security method, which involves the joint use of PIN code and fingerprint reader.

Patent reveals three possible alternatives to the new security method

In the patent filed by Samsung in South Korea, we can see three distinct approaches to this new method. However, it seems that only one of them could be viable for the brand's upcoming smartphones.

Samsung Method 1

Method 1

In the first option, we see the traditional fingerprint reader being used in conjunction with the screen where the PIN code is inserted. Possibly, users will need to choose a combination that includes the number "0". Once you enter your PIN, your smartphone will be able to read the fingerprint when you click "0".

Samsung Method 2

Method 2

In the second method, it seems that the manufacturer may integrate multiple biometric sensors, again repeating the same situation present in the first option. But in this method you will increase the security of your PIN by using up to three numbers where your fingerprint will be recognized.

Samsung Method 3

Method 3

Since Samsung has already confirmed that it is developing a fingerprint reader that occupies a large portion of the screen, this may be an option for the future of its smartphones. In this situation, the last two rows of numbers will be on top of the biometric sensor, greatly increasing the security of the smartphone.

However, it seems that this technology is not yet ready for mass production. Therefore it is very unlikely to be implemented in 2020.

Galaxy S11 could be the first to arrive with one of these security methods

Although there are no indications that this could actually happen, it seems to be the most natural process for implementing the new security method. As the Samsung Galaxy S11 is the next high end of the brand, it is natural that this new technology will debut.

Following its implementation, Samsung is likely to bring this new technology to its mid-range smartphones as well. In the case of the first method, it is likely to be implemented with a simple software update.

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