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Samsung W2019: The new shell smartphone will surprise

Samsung W2019 shell smartphones
The new Samsung W2019 should have a design similar to its predecessor (pictured)

Samsung has introduced a high-end shell-shaped Android smartphone to the Chinese market. This format of mobile phones has never really made its way into the world of smartphones. But the Samsung W2018 has proved quite popular in China.

Thanks to the popularity of this peculiar high-end, the manufacturer will now be working on its successor, the Samsung W2019. Although there has not been much information about this new "shell" smartphone, we already know some details of what it might show.

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According to rumors circulating so far, the W2019 is known to have the code name "Lykan". It is precisely because of its codename that it is now known which processor will be present in the new Android from the South Korean manufacturer.

The team of XDA Developers has been analyzing the source of the Galaxy S9 kernel (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 variant). During the analysis they came across two files that referred to the company's next "shell" smartphone. Therefore, it is well known that the new shell smartphone is quite likely to present itself again as a truly high-end smartphone.

Will Samsung's smartphone shell ever reach Europe?

In addition, there was only talk of the possibility of arriving with a dual chamber module as well. Which should be quite interesting considering that the Samsung W2018 was the first branded smartphone to come equipped with variable opening.

This smartphone family is only marketed in China, and always comes with a "ridiculously" high price tag. Certainly the W2019 will be no exception. Featuring state-of-the-art specifications and innovations coupled with an extremely high price tag.

Samsung W2018 shell smartphones
Smartphone shell W2018

As for its presentation, the manufacturer can be expected to continue to follow the same timeline as its predecessors. All shell smartphones were always featured during the month of December. So it is very likely that this year also the Samsung W2019 will be presented before Christmas.

Although extremely unlikely, it would be interesting to see this type of smartphone reach European markets. Although not as popular as in China, surely a more affordable variant would eventually have some demand. However, this scenario seems very unlikely.

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