Home Mobile Samsung to fix galaxy S10 biometric sensor failure next week

Samsung to fix galaxy S10 biometric sensor failure next week

Samsung to fix galaxy S10 biometric sensor failure next week

After discovering a security breach in the Samsung Galaxy S10's fingerprint sensor, the company soon reacted to this. In a statement, Samsung said a fix will be available next week.

At issue is a security hole that allows the smartphone to be unlocked by anyone. This is only the case if a screen protector film is used on the Galaxy S10 or Note 10.

Galaxy S10

According to Samsung, this is because the sensor used can recognize some three-dimensional patterns as fingerprints. This means that fingerprints that are not registered on the machine are allowed access to it.

Samsung advises removing third party films

Until such a fix is ​​released, Samsung is advising all users to avoid using protective films developed by third parties. In addition, the company advises to remove all memorized fingerprints and to configure new ones.

The update that will fix the issue will arrive next week. The actual day is not yet known, so keep an eye out for notifications on your Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10.

This is the case that brought the problem to the agenda.

A British user recently reported that her Samsung Galaxy S10 could be unlocked by her husband. He never had any of his fingerprints registered on the machine, which raised alarm signals.

It was immediately suspected that the problem was caused by the smartphone screen film, which was developed by third parties. Samsung itself now confirms that this is indeed the cause of the problem, confirming a serious security breach in the South Korean device.

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