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Samsung The future, the folding smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 MWC 2019 Samsung Galaxy Android Folding Smartphone 2018
We have been dreaming of a folding smartphone for several years now.

The future will come from smartphones and mobile devices adaptable to our wrist. In our pocket. The shape of the wallet in a way that we would have so far thought would be impossible. The folding smartphone may be on the horizon, by 2019 seconds advances the Wall Street Journal. We also have news related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to this publication, citing sources that remain anonymous, a strong emphasis has been placed on the development of this product. Reaffirming earlier rumors, we will now be closer than ever to this folding smartphone.

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It will be a terminal that, when folded, will have a small screen on its front and its cameras on the back. It is reportedly codenamed "Winner" or, in literal translation, the Samsung winner who could eclipse even the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to these sources, the final name of the product will effectively be Samsung Galaxy X, a high end with all the glow. Further advancing that the choice of nomenclature is directly related to the popularity of the name "X" for the tops.

The folding smartphone and the future of Samsung

Already on the smartphone itself, the WSJ still reveals some of the features of this "mate" of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The handset will feature a 7 inch diagonal screen. This screen will cover almost the entire front panel. This terminal that when fully opened, the smartphone will look more like a tablet. According to the WSJ report, the purpose of this smartphone will be the possibility of being folded, becoming a normal smartphone in terms of dimensions. Something similar to the image below.

folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Future folding OLED screen smartphones
Samsung is one of the manufacturers that will be developing a folding screen smartphone.

The folding smartphone is reported to be Samsung's latest priority. Especially now that smartphone sales volume is not as positive as it once was. This is not only Samsung affected but the whole world market.

Something that has already led major manufacturers to adopt a new strategy that we have made known here. Still, besides the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that will arrive during the summer the big star will effectively be the folding smartphone.

However, the folding smartphone should only grace us with its presence in the second half of 2019. Until then, we are "confined" to current mobile devices and current smartphone formats.

As a last note, for those interested and curious about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the terminal should arrive accompanied by a new speaker. For now we have no further details about it, guessing a physical support for the assistant Bixby.

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