Samsung still does not give shipping dates to Galaxy Fold customers

Samsung still does not give shipping dates to Galaxy Fold customers

The Galaxy Fold is increasingly a rock in Samsung's shoe. The South Korean giant has postponed its official launch after the storm, and two weeks later is still unsure when to send it to the pre-purchase.

Two weeks ago, Samsung postponed the official release scheduled for April 26. To all who pre-ordered the device, the manufacturer promised more specific information two weeks later. But what we can read in the email sent to a client is anything but.

galaxy fold email
Image: Cnet

As the CNET website shares, Samsung sent customers an email Monday with a handful of nothing. The South Korean giant says it is making progress in improving the terminal, but ends the email without confirming any Fold submission dates.

Customers who do not respond to the email will see their order canceled on May 31st.

As we can read in the email, Samsung does not charge anything for Fold until they are sent. In addition, the manufacturer gives customers the opportunity to cancel their order before shipping it. If you get no response from them by May 31st, they will automatically cancel orders.

galaxy fold
Image: The Verge

Samsung seems pretty lost on this release. After the problems revealed by several reviewers who received the device, Samsung offered to improve it. But how long will consumers have to wait for a device that should have come to them?

Given the lack of information in this email, we do not realize when the device will (at least) reach the hands of those who have already ordered it. Looking at the panorama, thinking about a release during June will be a very exciting scenario.

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