Samsung Sero TV: Know Rotary Television for Social Networks

samsung sero tv

Vertical format video is extremely popular in the world of mobile phone screens. However, Samsung is already adapting this format for televisions with its Sero TV. This is a 43-inch 4K-resolution television that can change orientation like a mobile phone does when we rotate it.

This way, Sero TV can be viewed in landscape (horizontal) mode, as it can be rotated and its content viewed in portrait (vertical) mode. This is a system similar to some gaming and productivity monitors, which also allow you to rotate by changing the way content is presented.

samsung sero tv
Samsung Sero TV

However, it is important to note that orientation can only be changed when the TV is streaming content through an iPhone or Android phone. So when you’re viewing Instagram Stories, TikTok videos, or Snapchat messages, the television can be rotated to reflect the right orientation and the best viewing experience.

To this end, Samsung has included in the Sero TV a pillar-shaped stand that keeps the television safe when in horizontal mode or when rotated vertically. In addition, the stand has a 4.1 channel speaker system and 60 watt power.

Sero TV is part of Samsung’s lifestyle family

Sero TVs are part of a “lifestyle” catalog from Samsung, where the goal is that the equipment fuses with the aesthetics of the room. Another example is the 65-inch television The Frame, whose purpose is to look like a frame, showing art when not used for content.

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