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Samsung Secures Patent for Direct Surface Duo Competitor

Samsung Secures Patent for Direct Surface Duo Competitor

The US patent office recently revealed that it has approved a new Samsung patent. This document reveals a dual screen smartphone, similar to what we can see on the Surface Duo.

Instead of offering us a folding screen, this patent illustrates a device with two screens joined by a hinge. In the patent description we can read "Dual screen smartphones reflecting new interfaces and modes of operation"

Samsung folding

Was this Samsung's initial idea for folding devices?

This patent dates back to 2013 and shows us that South Korea conceived this idea long before the Surface Duo was unveiled. The fact that this document has only just been approved may explain why Microsoft has advanced in the race.

Samsung may have introduced its first folding smartphone this year, but its development is several years old. This means that the concept that eventually hit the market may not have been South Korea's first idea and this patent proves it.

The concept behind Galaxy Fold is different from what we see in this patent. Galaxy Fold is a single screen smartphone that has the ability to fold.

Samsung folding

The patent that has now been approved shows us a device with two distinct screens. These are physically joined by a hinge that allows the entire device to be folded.

It should be noted that Samsung has also patented a folding device similar to the Motorola Moto Razr concept. Many seem to believe that this will be the future of Samsung's folding smartphones and the general market.

In any case, nothing prevents South Korea from launching a product in the light of this concept. There would be two different proposals / approaches to the same niche for different users.

Therefore, we cannot claim that the patent now approved will ever materialize. This is something that is inherent in any such document and it will now be up to Samsung to decide which destination is best for its presence in this niche market.

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