Samsung reveals official name of its second folding smartphone

Galaxy bloom

The one that rumors have called Galaxy Fold 2 already has an official name. Samsung's second folding smartphone will be called Galaxy Bloom, a name confirmed by the brand during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It was revealed by the Aju News website that Samsung headed a secret meeting at CES, attended by partners and retailers. That's when DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Elecronics, confirmed the name.

The same site shared a slightly blurred image, where we can see the folding smartphone in shell format, and even the name. It turned out that the design of the Galaxy Bloom was probably inspired by the French cosmetics brand Lancome.

Galaxy bloom

Remember that Samsung unveiled the first video teaser of Galaxy Bloom during the Developer Conference in October last year. After that, we also saw alleged actual images of the device.

Galaxy bloom
Alleged Samsung Galaxy Bloom

One of the biggest draw of Galaxy Bloom will be the fact that Samsung puts aside the plastic screen used in the Galaxy Fold. In this model an ultra thin glass screen will be used.

Rumors point to it being the first device on the market to shoot 8K video. The Galaxy S20 should also shoot in this quality, and their name was also confirmed during the secret meeting. Official revelations are set for February 11, but Samsung may show Bloom later at CES.

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