Samsung has a vast portfolio of high-quality mobile devices, but it looks like there’s still room for more. Apparently, the South Korean is on the verge of launching a new line of smartphones focused on cameras.

This new line of equipment will be known as Galaxy F, its first element being the Samsung Galaxy F41. Its launch should happen next month, in India, and the price should be around 200 €.

Samsung Galaxy F41 manual reveals its secrets

The next smartphone from Samsung has already appeared on the Indian website of the brand, in which it gave us to know its main features. Its lines will not be very different from the mid-range that the brand develops, featuring a notch drop of water, a fingerprint sensor on the rear and a square module for its triple camera.

Samsung Galaxy F41

This should be the point where the Samsung Galaxy F41 will shine. For this, the technology will accompany its main lens of 64MP with a wide angle and a third of which we still do not have great details.

And this is where suspicions about the marketing that is being done for this Galaxy F41 can begin. Its main attribute should be its camera, but from what is being mentioned this should not be anything extraordinary.

Right from the 64MP main sensor that is not the most powerful that the South Korean has in its portfolio. This is a sensor that we usually see in its intermediaries and the results fall short of what we see in its tops of range.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy F41 will be precisely an affordable mid-range. And when we talk about photographic quality, it is not usually this range of equipment that comes to mind immediately.

Samsung Galaxy F41 has gone through Geekbench

If there were doubts about the market segment in which this Galaxy F41 will fit, we have the passage through the Geekbench platform. The 1339 multi-core points obtained dispel doubts about their position in the market.

It is further confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy F41 will come equipped with the Exynos 9611 processor and 6GB of RAM. Android 10 will be the out-of-the-box version of its operating system, a disappointing figure, as the South Korean should have bet on the latest version.

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