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Nokia 8: Advertising videos show the details of the smartphone

Nokia's flagship has finally arrived officially. Nokia 8 promises to bring unparalleled irreverence in the details...

Slots reach a new level in Japan: this is the remote control hook

SEGA Catcher Onloine, or how to play the bar hook from home The last idea of ​​SEGA hallucinates and horrifies us equally. Installed in Japan,...

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is official in Europe! Know how much it costs and where to buy it!

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Run: this TP-Link smart bulb is only 6.90 euros

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Samsung prepares changes to the S Pen to make it work on the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Something everyone asked for and wanted on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was support for the S Pen. However, this desire was never confirmed, it seems, by some technical problems.

For the next model in this folding line, Samsung is trying everything to finally bring support to the S Pen. According to the latest information, this will only be possible by changing some of the technology in the stylus of the South Korean.

S Pen’s interaction technology with the screen will change

Samsung currently uses Electromagnetic Resonance technology on S Pen compatible with Galaxy Note. The advantage of this technology is that it offers an experience very similar to handwriting on a sheet of paper, thanks to its low latency and accuracy.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

However, this technology never got along with the ultra-thin glass that the South Korean uses in the Galaxy Z Fold 2, hence its absence in this model. To get around the problem, Samsung should switch the next S Pen to Active Electrostatic technology.

This technology avoids some of the problems associated with Electromagnetic Resonance technology, such as the cursor displacement. In addition, it offers pixel-level accuracy and still recognizes pen tilt. The latter is already supported in the current models of the S Pen, however, still far from perfect.

Another fact that corroborates the arrival of S Pen support in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the rumor that this model will have a thicker glass than the current model. In fact, its thickness will be doubled so that it can withstand the pressure of the S Pen.

It will be excellent news if Samsung is able to effectively bring the S Pen to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This little accessory will give this device features that the competition has yet to rival.

In return, Samsung will have even more difficulties in selling its Note line. Mainly because its main asset is no longer exclusive to these models.

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