Home Mobile Samsung patents sliding screen smartphone: knows the concept

Samsung patents sliding screen smartphone: knows the concept

Samsung patents sliding screen smartphone: knows the concept

After launching its first folding smartphone on the market – the Galaxy Fold – Samsung continues to work on flexible display concepts, as the latest patent reveals.

This patent discloses a device with a sliding screen capable of hiding the upper edge. It is a device with a flexible display attached to a mechanism that allows it to slide up and down.

samsung patent
Screen slides to hide or make top margin appear

For this reason it ends up hiding or showing what is above the screen. This can be the front camera, the handset for calls, or even sensors positioned there.

This is not the first time we have seen a sliding screen smartphone. Mi Mix 3 brought this same concept. However, Samsung's implementation is different from the mechanism that completely slid the Xiaomi device's screen.

samsung patent
Answering or hanging up a call would be just a short walk away.

Sliding motion can be used to answer calls or activate front camera

The idea is that when you get a call, you slide the screen down to answer it. Swiping in the opposite direction will end this same call. The same action must be performed if the user wishes to activate the front camera.

The usefulness of this kind of concept is debatable, and it is completely uncertain whether you will ever see the light of day. This is the kind of technology that Samsung can test on its A line, but it is unlikely to be widely accepted by the public.

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