Samsung patents dual-screen smartphone. Know the concept

Samsung patents dual-screen smartphone. Know the concept

Samsung has patented a new dual-screen smartphone. The pictures show us a front screen that covers most of the device. At the rear, the patent reveals a secondary screen about half the size of the main one.

There is no front camera, so the secondary screen is meant to help you take selfies. The idea of ​​this patent is to provide a design without notches or holes, using the rear screen as an aid to photographs that would normally be taken by a front camera.

samsung patent two screen smartphone

This design provides full screen and superior selfies

This kind of idea has its advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, it gives us a full screen where the brand doesn't have to worry about a front camera, as the rear camera does all the work.

Also, there is no mechanism involved. There is no pop-up or rotary camera that some users still suspect. Thus, the question of possible wear and tear does not arise.

The problem is that a secondary screen can also be viewed as unsafe, as it will be very subject to scratches and bumps. Depending on the management done, it may be a munici- palist of greater battery depletion.

Ideology has already been put into practice by brands like ZTE or Vivo

This is not a very new idea. Smartphones like Vivo NEX Dual Display or ZTE Nubia X have already experienced a similar design. However, a brand with Samsung's global dimension would give another lead to such a solution.

vivo nex dual display zte nubia x

With this design choice, users can grab their smartphone as they normally would, and take the quality of a main camera selfie. The patent has been published by the United States Patent, Trademark Office and World Intellectual Property Office. LetsGoDigital has brought the original designs to life. Like any patent, you can never see the light of day.

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