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Samsung patent reveals what Samsung Galaxy S11 might look like

Samsung patent reveals what Samsung Galaxy S11 might look like

Samsung has the opportunity to strengthen its leadership in the mobile market with the Samsung Galaxy S11. The problems that Huawei and its smartphones may not have Google services are key to the success of Samsung devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is still far from being unveiled. Earlier rumors say the equipment will be presented in the last week of February next year. Still, it is not early to speak of the high end.

Patent shows how the Samsung Galaxy S11 screen will look

Samsung Galaxy S11

I remember that patents guarantee nothing. We often see patents for incredible gadgets that still don't officially emerge. However, in this case it is a little different.

This is because the patent, as you can see in the image, follows the lines of Samsung's flagship smartphones unveiled earlier this year.

If this patent turns out to be true, it is likely that one of the Samsung Galaxy S11, expected to be 3, will arrive with a triple front camera in the corner of the device.

This type of design is not new. Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + already has such a design. We would simply have a slightly larger screen record to fit the third lens. Still, it's worth pointing out that the camera is on the left side of the smartphone. Already in the models of the S10 are all in the right corner.

Samsung Galaxy S11 back should also change

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Unfortunately we do not have any images of what the back of the smartphone might look like. However, with the unveiling of the Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to follow ideology with a vertical camera. We have to know how many lenses.

Rumors about lenses speak of a spectrometer lens that will be able to visualize the composition of objects simply by pointing at them.

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