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Samsung patent promises totally different smartphone!

Samsung patent promises totally different smartphone!

Samsung is one of the most innovative companies in the mobile segment. We have to thank them for the many new things we have been having over the years that are now part of everyday life for anyone with a smartphone in their pocket.

Well, surely that's why I'm excited about the new patent registered by the manufacturer. In this patent we have a smartphone with a slide screen but which is scrollable and curved. It is not simple to explain and the patent itself is all about mystery, so let's try to understand.

Samsung patent portrays new smartphone

Samsung patent

The logic would be to have a slider. Like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. However, when you "open the slider", the screen would "scroll" to the rear. While the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has the slider on top, this Samsung patent shows us the slider below. This piece of screen that would "roll back" would make the bottom of the smartphone fully curved.

In the back we have a second screen

Things get even weirder here. At the rear, the patent reveals a second screen, smaller than the main one, that will serve for small features. Unfortunately the patent does not disclose the possible features of the second screen.

Camera within screen

Samsung second patent

The best part is also giving us a front camera inside the screen. Huawei is already working on technology, such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and LG. This on-screen camera will cause notches or holes in the screen to disappear.

Incidentally, Huawei is expected to unveil in the coming weeks the first smartphone for sale to the public with the technology. It is also expected that the next Huawei P40, coming out in early 2020, will also give us this technology.

That is, as strange as this patent is, Samsung may make it a reality. One is for sure, this is probably the weirdest smartphone I've tried to imagine lately.

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