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Samsung – Patent promises a fully end-to-end screen

Samsung - Patent promises a fully end-to-end screen
If Samsung really launches such a technology, expect such a reaction!

Samsung is one of the brands that works best on the ideology of "infinity Display" or as they say in good UK’s "infinite screen". The end-to-end display is not exactly new to the market, however, we see brands evolve design and reduce margins as time goes on.

Apple is one of the lowest margin companies in the terminal. However, not everyone is a fan of that notch on the top of the iPhone X. The Samsung Galaxy S8 or even the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 are good examples of the same technology used in smartphones.

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However, the new patent of the South Korean company promises a little more of this possible screen. New images coming straight from the Netherlands patent register show a technology that Samsung wants to safeguard at all costs.

The patent images show an end-to-end screen where everything normally uncovered is embedded in the screen. I speak more specifically of the front cameras, proximity sensors and retinal reader.

Will this technology arrive on one of the next Galaxy Note?

The "home" button would also be embedded in the screen, but this is nothing new. The Samsung Galaxy S8 does just that. The difference is in the structure of the smartphone itself. The front side will only be dominated entirely by the screen.

Although not mentioned in the patent it is likely that a fingerprint reader may also be embedded in the display. Vivo has recently launched its on-screen biometric sensor Android smartphone. The only requirement of this technology is just an OLED or AMOLED display, something that Samsung has got us used to in their smartphones.

Is this the future Samsung Galaxy 10? Does Samsung have the courage to offer us such technologies in their high end? If this happens I want to bet that it will come in a model of the Note range.

Note terminals have been the guinea pig of new technologies. Although it does not always indicate whether they are successful (remember Note 7) the South Korean company has done a fantastic job of forcing mobile technology to advance at the speed of light.

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