Only Qualcomm and MediaTek are ahead of Samsung when it comes to manufacturing smartphone processors. According to the Counterpoint Research report, Samsung was able to secure third place by overtaking Apple.

Apple, in turn, jumped to fourth place. Still, we have to keep in mind that Apple only manufactures processors for its iPhones, while Samsung has more models and brands to whom it supplies Exynos chips.

Processor manufacturer table and market share

ManufacturerMarket share

Samsung is still far from Qualcomm and MediaTek

Samsung makes its Exynos processors for many of the Samsung smartphones, but not only. We have smartphones from Vivo or even Meizu with these types of chips.

Still, it is far from having the market for Qualcomm or MediaTek. Qualcomm’s processors are the most reputable on the market. The top of the range has been using these processors over the years.

Samsung Smartphones
S20 models in Europe use Exynos processors

MediaTek is more highly regarded for entry-level and intermediate smartphones. This is because the prices of processors are seriously lower and make the smartphone manage to have a more appealing price.

MediaTek, however, does not have the best reputation for software updates and the huge number of low-end and intermediate processors on the market are also not the best solution to solve this problem.

Finally, Huawei has been raising its “Kirin”, however, still failing to reach a place in the top 4 of manufacturers.

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