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Samsung may suffer setback in profits due to Samsung Galaxy S9

analyst earnings Apple iPhone X OnePlus 6 Samsung Galaxy S9 4gnewsIntroduced on February 25, 2018, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 hit the market on March 16, 2018. Meanwhile, the South Korean manufacturer posted a first quarter with rising profits.

However, a careful analysis of your tax report would indicate that much of the profits come from the semiconductor division. From your memories, chips and processors. Here above all other departments, mobile including.

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The potential of the new flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has not yet been perfectly gauged. Still, during Q2 analysts estimate that new products will help keep profits up.

In fact, we have already seen data from Counterpoint Research, the market analysis agency, supporting this. For this agency the new Samsung Galaxy S9 are a success in Europe and virtually worldwide.

How popular is the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Still, according to the publication Sammobile, Samsung's earnings may decline in the coming quarters. Here due to the "warm" or weak sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in its native Korea, South Korea. In an apparent paradox, the terminal is enjoying good sales (according to market analysis agencies) in Europe. Not in your home country, which will of course concern market analysts.earnings analysts Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Golden Dawn

It is important to stress here that in the general balance of the next fiscal reports, the eventual profits should not be mainly due to smartphones. At least that is the view expressed by market analysts cited by the international press.

In particular, it is the opinion of analysts at DB Financial Investment, eBest Investment Securities and Eugene Investment and Securities. It is also the view shared by analysts KTB Investment and Securities. In short, an extensive panel.

Semiconductors up, smartphones and TV's down.

In unison, market experts believe that South Korean technology's profits will suffer a setback, will fall in the second quarter. This is due to the slow sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

The television department will also suffer a setback. Fewer televisions are being sold on Samsung's side, falling here in the face of advances from LG and other Asian competitors.

Still, profits are expected to remain high

Still, the bottom line will be positive as these analysts advance. With the price of RAM and memory chips continuing to rise, this entire department is expected to increase profits. Still, they warn of Samsung's growing dependence on this whole semiconductor department.

We are now awaiting the end of the second quarter (end of June) and subsequent publication of the fiscal report.

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