Samsung may return to OLED TV market

Samsung may return to OLED TV market
OLED Samsung CES 2018 Samsung The Wall Micro LED TV 146 inch 2 QLED
A "small" 146 inch TV, that's all! And several other applications for your QLED

Despite being the world's largest producer of AMOLED panels, Samsung refuses to apply this technology to its TVs. So far the brand is still standing back on the use of OLED screens for televisions, preferring QLED panels. Now a new report from South Korea indicates a shift in stance in the development and production of Samsung OLED TVs.

According to this source, the order came from the top, Samsung's No. 2 Lee Jae-yong will have ordered a complete overhaul of the OLED TV industry. Department that wants to see revitalized. This was one of his first decisions since he was released from prison. That said, we may soon have a new Samsung OLED TV.

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Firstly, what is OLED? The acronym refers to organic light emitting diode or light emitting diode. Technology fundamentally different from LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. Note that OLED displays emit light. This means that each pixel emits its own light.

On the other hand, the acronym QLED refers to the quantum dot LED or (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode). Right now it's a technology that needs LED backlighting because the pixels themselves are not able to emit their own light. In other words, they depend on backlighting.

Samsung looks back to OLED technology for TV's

These are two fundamentally different technologies, and here Samsung continues to claim that QLED displays deliver superior performance than OLED displays. However, there are versions of their QLED technology that are much more similar to conventional LCD panels than OLED displays. Now, the South Korean manufacturer's top dome will have ordered a revival and overhaul of the OLED television department, something that had been largely abandoned with the adoption of QLED.

So far Samsung bets on QLED for TV's

Samsung The Wall Micro TV 1 LED 146 inch Modular Television QLED
This is the first modular television. The future of the brand will come here, the micro LED

Note that Samsung presents its QLED TVs to us as far superior to OLED screens. The brand claims that QLED technology is much less susceptible to the phenomenon. burn in which eventually degrades any and all OLED screens on TVs or smartphones.

OLED has its disadvantages but LG knew how to get around

In addition, Samsung claims that QLED displays are much more efficient than large scale production and large applications. Yet they never completely rejected the idea of ​​producing new TVs or applications with OLED displays.

However, the latest television with this technology from Samsung would be launched in 2013 with 55 inches diagonal. Since then it has not launched any new equipment with this type of screens.

So why did Samsung suddenly feel the need to look at TV's with this technology? Well, maybe because LG is doing very, very well in the television market with this same technology. Incidentally, the South Korean rival was able to develop algorithms that would eliminate or mitigate the possible drawbacks of such screens.

And of course, television prices with this technology have also been falling, something that brought record sales for LG during 2017. By staying out of this market, whether out of pride or belief, Samsung would be in the shadow of LG with respect to TV's.


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