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Samsung Is this the first clue of the Samsung Galaxy J 2018?

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 Samsung Galaxy J1 mini Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) 4gnews Review Smartphone Review
South Korean technology may already be preparing successors for these devices.

Having completely revamped its mid-range product segment, Samsung can do the same with its Galaxy J. Now that the Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy A8 + 2018 are already dazzling with their displays Infinity display (name given by the manufacturer to its display technology). Devices that even support Gear VR without forgetting a dual front camera. Now it's time to look at the Samsung Galaxy J 2018.

Indeed, we have already been somewhat surprised (if we don't count on leaks) by the new mid-range devices. I feel that with each new generation it becomes more difficult to distinguish a mid-high range from a high-end device. Samsung spared no factor premium for your new Galaxy A8.

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However, call it intuition, just take one of them (in store), to feel that it was not a high end. There is something about your weight that tells me, "This is not a high end." They are beautiful devices, don't get me wrong but note that they are not as "premium" as an S8, for example.

A simple realization of the obvious, I know, but I confess that in 2017 I was positively surprised by the construction of the S8 and even the current generation Samsung Galaxy J. We tested the J5 and J7 2017. Their solid metal construction was something that deserved praise. .

Samsung Galaxy J (2018) is already being developed

Now, according to us the publication Galaxyclub.nl, the Asian manufacturer is also reformulating this segment. Having already done the same for the A line, they naturally follow the Samsung Galaxy J. However, I do not think these devices will be presented soon, let alone on the MWC 2018. Then attention will only rest on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

This publication is based on a record left by a new Samsung device on the benchmarking platform GFXBench. This is the model SM-J720F, a nomenclature that unambiguously refers to a Samsung smartphone. Here there is still some room for debate as to the provenance of the device model number. It is believed that this should not refer to US variants of the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone based on brand history.

South Korean manufacturer will already be developing the Samsung Galaxy J 2018

Samsung Galaxy J 2018 Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Galaxy J3 2017 Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) 4gnews Review Smartphone Review
Both Galaxy J now have a fingerprint reader. The capacitive buttons do not have backlight.

Instead, the model tested at GFXBench, the model number SM-J720F should belong to the next generation of Samsung Galaxy J 2018 devices. In fact, we can be here to see the first element of the next generation of Galaxy J smartphones. of everything? We already know some of your technical specifications based on your listing.

At GFXBench we learn that the device has a 5.5 inch diagonal screen / display. We have here an HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). Retains the traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio. Inside we have the new Exynos 7885 processor from Samsung. Also present are a good 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. This value is expected to be expandable via a microSD memory card.

If this information is true then at least one of the new Samsung Galaxy J for 2018 will use the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 + 2018. Something that is unusual or strategically meaningful.

Exynos 7885 processor on Samsung Galaxy J 2018?

I do not think that based on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, the South Korean manufacturer will not upgrade the processor and reduce screen reduction on a new device. Note that the J7 Pro at this time already has a Full-HD (1080p) screen resolution. There is something wrong with this GFXBench listing.

It would be counterproductive to use the Exynos 7885 processor on a smartphone with HD display. It would waste its potential. It would even be a trivialization of the new Galaxy A8 2018 whose biggest asset is the processor, along with the screen. The performance improvement of this new SoC over previous generations is considerable. We are unlikely to see this "engine" in the new Samsung Galaxy J 2018.

Sticking to the GFXBench listing we also refer to the 12MP main camera and an 8MP secondary camera. Note that current models have a 13MP camera on the front and an 8MP camera on the back. Here I believe that the new Samsung Galaxy J is equipped with an 8MP dual front camera. This seems to be the manufacturer's trend towards 2018.

Are these the characteristics of one of the Samsung Galaxy J 2018?

Samsung Galaxy J 2018
Is there any truth to this listing?

This feature list also suggests that the new Samsung Galaxy J already uses the Android Oreo (8.0) operating system. Something that makes sense. It also refers to the presence of an “Android Samsung-ss Edition” ROM. Something strange. Never before have we seen a reference to this ROM. The question is whether it is a reference to any carrier ROM or … something completely false. Until we saw some firmware for this device did not have much hope for its veracity.

In short, while it is likely that South Korean tech is already delineating the key features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J, it is easy to circumvent these tests. I would even say that someone who was sufficiently committed could congenialize these kinds of listings. It's too early for now. Note that the new Galaxy J are usually announced during the summer.

Anyway we will be aware of further developments.

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