Samsung is the brand with the most 5G smartphones sold in Europe


Although many countries do not yet have full 5G networks working, we already have several smartphones available on the market with this technology. Samsung is one of the brands that has bet on 5G and the one that has convinced users the most.

According to a new report by Strategy Analytics, Samsung was the one that sold the most 5G-compatible smartphones in Europe. Conclusions drawn from the market analysis during the first half of the year.

88% of all 5G smartphones in Europe are from Samsung

The figures revealed by Strategy Analytics are impressive and demonstrate Samsung’s impressive dominance in this niche market. But note that these represent only 7% of all smartphones sold in Europe during the same period.


The vast majority of the approximately 4 million devices compatible with 5G are from the South Korean. Of its entire portfolio, it was the Galaxy S20 5G and Galaxy A90 5G that contributed most to this domain.

Samsung’s leadership will be threatened for the remainder of the year

Despite the numbers recorded by Samsung in the first quarter of the year, Strategy Analytics points out that this domain may disappear by the end of the year. And the main responsible for this will be Apple.

It is worth remembering that all iPhone 12, presented this week, are compatible with 5G networks. Estimates for global sales of these models point to 50 to 70 million units by the end of the year.

Judging by these predictions, Apple will not need much time to supplant its main rival in this market. In addition, brands like Xiaomi or Oppo are flooding the market with 5G devices at very affordable prices and also threatening Samsung’s dominance.

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