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Samsung is preparing a foldable smartphone at an “affordable” price

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that is investing heavily in foldable smartphones. The brand’s first foldable smartphone came out a year ago and we can say that the brand is on a good track.

Well, it seems that evolution will make Samsung manage to lower the price of its folding equipment. Rumors say that the brand is preparing a device with prices around 900 €.

Samsung folding smartphone will arrive for 900 €

Samsung foldable smartphone

We cannot properly say that 900 € is an affordable price. However, we have to look at the folding market in general. If I told you that a Tesla was sold for 10 thousand Euros you would say that it is an affordable price. As much as it is a high value.

Little do we know about this new foldable smartphone for 900 €. We only know that it is called “SM-F415” and that it has two memory variants. That is, 64GB and 128GB.

Since foldable smartphones came with values ​​of € 2000 and are now € 1400, we can say that if a foldable smartphone arrives for € 900, it is a considerable evolution.

Samsung knows it has the foldable smartphone market

With Huawei out of the picture due to the situation of Google services, Samsung knows it has the market at its mercy. In other words, there is no strong competitor that can be compared to the brand in this sector.

Therefore, it is time for the company to win in the market. At least until competitors appear who will give a talk. Because they will appear. That is a certainty.

Xiaomi, BBK (owner of OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus), ZTE or even TCL (owner of Alcatel) are already working on the technology. Huawei is the one that stands out the most, however, paying so much for a foldable smartphone without Google services is a little questionable.

We will see to what extent this information will be true. If Samsung has to introduce a new foldable smartphone, it should arrive in 2021 only.

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