Samsung is abusing Bixby on smartphones to advertise Note 10! Dissatisfied users!

Samsung is abusing Bixby on smartphones to advertise Note 10! Dissatisfied users!

Samsung is advertising the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to a huge number of Galaxy customers through Bixby on their smartphones.

Users are not welcoming this advertising "trick" and have started complaining on social networks for the abuse of a far from perfect assistant.


Bixby is spreading the word of the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung's assistant, who is still a long way from competitors, has started notifying Samsung Galaxy smartphone users with this feature to advertise Note 10. The message is clear and simple "Curious about Note 10? Ask Bixby".

This is not the first time Samsung has done this, however, less and less users have patience for these marketing moves. Mainly because it is impossible to turn off marketing messages by clicking on the notification. That means you'll have to go to notifications, go through the maze of options, and then turn off marketing messages.

Bixby smartphones

Samsung wants to implement Bixby on all its smartphones

Personally I'm not a Bixby lover. We have to admit that Samsung's assistant is better with the latest updates, but remains seriously below competitors. And we can even include Siri in this range.

Still, Samsung has a diamond in the rough here. The company has an ecosystem of products that few manufacturers can offer, they just needed to spend a little time on the assistant and make it work perfectly with all these products. Still, we all know that Samsung is fantastic in hardware, yet very questionable in software.

Hopefully, the company will focus more on improving Bixby rather than releasing us notifications. Users did not find much of a joke to the situation.

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