Samsung, Huawei, Apple or Xiaomi? Here's who sells the most smartphones in UK!

Samsung, Huawei, Apple or Xiaomi? Here's who sells the most smartphones in Portugal!

It was last year that Huawei surpassed Samsung in the best selling smartphones in UK. However, Huawei's war with the US caused sales to fall. And that feels in UK.

The third quarter in UK was a surprise with Samsung holding first place. In addition to maintaining first place on the podium, the company managed to increase 15.7% in sales compared to the same quarter last year.


Top sellers in UK in Q3

  • Samsung – 215 thousand units
  • Huawei – 186 thousand units
  • Apple – 67,000 Units
  • TCL (BlackBerry, Alcatel) – 38 thousand units
  • Xiaomi – 33,000 units

Huawei in trouble due to trade war

Already since the Huawei P30 we do not see brand new equipment in the market. Since then the brand has revealed Honor and Huawei models of the Y range that normally has a good prominence in UK.

However, the inability to install Google services on their devices is causing Huawei to slow down in launching devices to the market.

Apple remains third

Apple continues to show that it can make a difference even with the values ​​of its smartphones. IPhones are not exactly cheap, so we have to topple the American company for continuing to stand out in a market as competitive as ours.

TCL and Xiaomi Featured

Although the units sold are significantly lower by TCL and Xiaomi, we have to get up to applaud. Xiaomi is beginning to invest more and more in UK and is gradually gaining more market share.

Already TCL with its huge variety of mango products managed to grow about 35.1% over the previous year. That is, the biggest growth of a smartphone company this quarter.

The data are from IDC (via Exame Informática), that may vary slightly, but most of the time reflect the reality of the sales market.

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