Samsung, Huawei and Apple continue to struggle for sales but the latter is losing out

Samsung, Huawei and Apple continue to struggle for sales but the latter is losing out

A report from market data firm IDC reveals some interesting data for the first quarter of 2019, or Q1, in the smartphone industry. The annual growth is very important and of the 3 biggest brands, Huawei is the only one with healthy growth.

First is Samsung with 71.9 million smartphones built, maintaining the supremacy as the number one manufacturer worldwide. However, the Korean giant saw an 8.1% decline from 2018.


Huawei, as expected, had a whopping 50.3% growth with 59.1 million smartphones shipped in Q1 of 2019 compared to 39.2 million last year.

The biggest drop was even recorded at Apple, where Cupertino's company saw a steep 30% drop from Q1 2018 to 2019. From 52 million to 36 million.

The 5 (6) largest smartphone manufacturers in the world

What about the rest? There are 3 more brands that are trying to conquer market along with the 3 giants. They are Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. The latter has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, with the most varied product range of all companies on the list.

Still, even beloved Xiaomi couldn't help seeing a 10.2% decline in annual Q1 growth. Oppo saw a slight decrease of 6% with 23.1 million smartphones made.

idc report

The funniest situation is with Vivo, which was the only brand besides Huawei that saw growth. Vivo increased its units by 24% with 23.2 million. IDC then decided to put Oppo and Vivo in fifth place at the same time.

Overall, the global smartphone market is witnessing a decline. However, the company that seems to be immune to the situation is Huawei. The Chinese company is getting closer to catching Samsung.

By the way, I perfectly believe that if Huawei had a presence in the US market it was already number one for some time. Constant controversy and expulsions prevent the company from gaining this share.

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