Rarely does an executive mark an era. Steve Jobs or even Bill Gates were able to do so. However, in recent times it was DJ Koh from Samsung that created a relevant impact in the mobile world.

Samsung DJ Koh
Former Director of Samsung Mobile, DJ Koh

DJ Koh’s rise paralleled the rise in popularity of Samsung smartphones. The South Korean company conquered the market and surpassed all barriers to be the number one sales worldwide.

New blood for Samsung will give Samsung what it needs

Roh Tae-moon Samsung
New Director of Samsung Mobile, Roh Tae-moon

However, Samsung believes that the smartphone industry needs new blood. A new face and new ideas. Therefore, the Asian brand revealed that Roh Tae-moon will be the new responsible for the mobile segment.

Roh Tae-moon, 52 (someone tell me what cream you use for this fantastic skin), joined Samsung in 1997 as an important figure in the development of Samsung Galaxy.

That is, we can say that Roh Tae-moon is a serious connoisseur of what is happening in the mobile segment of Samsung. The bet on an executive with a large Samsung “school” is a valuable point for the company’s growth.

The first challenge will be to fight Huawei

Although Huawei is not in the top spot due to the US government’s impediments, Samsung’s new executive has an arduous task. Fight the rise of Huawei.

The brand has threatened Samsung for a few years and if it weren’t for the outcome of Donald Trump, it was even possible that Huawei would take Samsung’s place in the first place of sales worldwide.

So Samsung had a golden opportunity that almost never happens. The decision to remove DJ Koh from being in charge should not have been an easy one, not least because his fantastic work gave Samsung a worldwide place it did not have. But it’s time for new faces, new blood and new challenges.

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