Samsung’s second foldable smartphone has been on sale in UK for about a month. The Galaxy Z Flip follows the ideology of classic shell phones, and has potential that Samsung wants you to explore to the fullest.

That is why the brand launched some videos, in which it explains how to take advantage of three features of the equipment. These are your outdoor screen, Flex Mode and camera mode Night Hyperlapse.

How to use the outdoor screen

The outer screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is so small that it looks insignificant. But the truth is that it serves much more than showing the time or the state of your battery. This small screen is used to see notifications, control your music or reject a call without having to open the device. Plus, it’s also great for taking that quick selfie.

How to use Flex Mode

Speaking of selfies, that’s what you can use Flex Mode for. By placing the equipment at a 90 degree angle, you can easily take the perfect image, whether alone or with those you like the most.

How to use mode Night Hyperlapse

To use the Night Hyperlapse on a Galaxy S20 Ultra, you will need a tripod for greater stability. Once again, placing the device at 90 degrees makes it a tripod, which will help you to get the best image possible.

What these videos intend to demonstrate is that the form factor of the equipment was enhanced for usability at various times. It remains to be seen whether videos like these convince consumers to pay € 1529 for the equipment.

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