During the last Unpacked event from Samsung presented smartphones that promise to revolutionize the world of smartphones once again, one of them being the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This is the second foldable smartphone from the brand, featuring a “shell” format.

After the mixed emotions caused by the Motorola Razr 2019, everything indicated that its direct rival would be the Galaxy Z Flip but, according to the latest information, the Samsung smartphone managed to create a segment where there is still no competition. Thanks to its extremely appealing design, extremely versatile format and high performance specifications, the Z Flip proved to be a real success from day one.

Galaxy Z Flip

Although it has a considerably high price (€ 1,529 in UK and $ 1,380 in the United States), the new foldable smartphone has already surpassed all expectations in the USA. It didn’t take long for the unlocked variant (without operator loyalty) to be sold out both at the brand’s official store and at Best Buy.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is everything we wanted from Razr 2019

At the time when the first rumors of the return of the legendary Motorola Razr appeared in the form of a foldable smartphone, the hype generated was unbelievable. From an early age it was noticed that users yearned for a smartphone with these characteristics, making them believe that the brand had in its hands a “goose that laid the golden eggs”. But it did not happen.

Unfortunately, we saw the Razr 2019 arrive with some design flaws and mid-range specifications, despite its price premium. So, despite its moderate success, it is hard to believe that the smartphone will continue to be in great demand after the arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip.

As its second foldable smartphone, it seems that Samsung has managed to learn and evolve from the mistakes made in the Galaxy Fold. The new Galaxy Z Flip is more robust, with a very discreet and appealing design. In addition, the presence of high-end specifications makes this an investment much easier to justify.

Unlike the Motorola Razr 2019, you won’t be buying a Galaxy Z Flip just because you want to experience the foldable “shell” smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will hardly achieve the same level of success in UK

There is no doubt that virtually all technology fans (and not only) in UK would like to have a Galaxy Z Flip. However, a price above 1,500 euros will certainly make this “dream” impossible for many people.

It is difficult to understand and also justify the great disparity in prices charged by Samsung in different markets. In the United States the Galaxy Z Flip was launched for $ 1,380, which converts substantially to € 1,272. It is customary to see slight price inflation when comparing the various markets, but a difference of more than € 250 is very difficult to justify.

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