Home Android Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 prepares to copy functionality from iPad Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 prepares to copy functionality from iPad Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 prepares to copy functionality from iPad Pro

One of the new features introduced in last year's iPad Pro was the Sidecar. This feature allows the Apple tablet to be used as a secondary display on the Mac to increase your productivity.

Although already a year behind schedule, Samsung is about to copy that functionality. So, soon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 can be used as a secondary screen on your Windows PC.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 could be the secondary screen you've always wanted for the PC

Samsung and Microsoft have joined forces to try to create a more consistent ecosystem between Android and Windows. After the several partnerships already concluded between the two technologies, this is another asset to grab consumers to their products.

Galaxy Tab S7

With the introduction of the secondary screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Windows users will have more reason to choose a South Korean tablet. Even more so if we take into account that this feature will also support the S Pen.

That is, if you are a designer and looking for an accessory that allows you to design on your Windows PC, here may be the ideal solution. The features that we know well from stylus from Samsung may be transported to the computer.

For now, we still don't know when this feature will be available to users, but it shouldn't be missing much. Additionally, it will have to be clarified whether the secondary screen provided by the Galaxy Tab S7 will be compatible with any Windows PC or if only with Samsung laptops.

Galaxy Tab S7 are the best Android tablets you can buy

If you are looking for an Android tablet, the new Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Ultra should be taken into account. Among its various features, we cannot fail to mention its Snapdragon 865+ processor or its huge 10090mAh battery in the most powerful model.

Additionally, we have a 120Hz refresh rate screen for a smooth experience at all times. What also distinguishes them from the competition is the support for Samsung DeX, which gives you an interface very similar to what you have in Windows.

As for prices, these may not be the most inviting for many users. The values ​​start at 759 €, however, your cover with keyboard will have to be purchased separately, increasing the final value of the product.

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