Samsung Galaxy S9. What to expect from the new DeX Pad?

Samsung Galaxy S9. What to expect from the new DeX Pad?
DeX Pad Samsung Galaxy S9
The new generation of the smart dock from the manufacturer. © evanblass

After we have made known here the new DeX Pad that will grace the Samsung Galaxy S9, a new accessory that wants to turn the smartphone into a PC. Or almost! According to us Evan blass, the herald of the world mobile, the new accessory will be featured alongside the tops. So far nothing new but what can we do for sure with this new DeX Pad.

That just makes you think. Or rather, it was thoughtful because we already have a good idea of ​​what to expect. No big surprises will be a significant iteration about the Samsung DeX – Desktop Experience (DeX) presented last year. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 we first saw this accessory. Now the brand is preparing to reinvent it.

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The premise is simple. Work wherever you are. Once you have an external monitor nearby the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus will do the rest. With this new DeX Pad your smartphone will be your PC. It will create a desktop similar to Windows, complete with windows and all.

It will be a valuable solution, especially when you don't want to carry your laptop and you happen to have an external monitor in your office. Note that here the "external monitor" factor is the permanent on a vast number of variables. While your smartphone handles everything else, you'll need an external screen to take advantage of it.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 DeX Pad

We already knew that sooner or later the DeX Pad would be launched. The brand registered this name last month and we already had indications that it was actually working on a new gadget. To give the Galaxy S9 generation more assets, the work on the go it will be an asset. We can see that this new accessory will be made of plastic, will have its own fan (which will cool the smartphone and the gadget in itself). Note the absence of the Ethernet port.

DeX Pad Samsung Galaxy S9 1
This will be the successor to the Galaxy S8 DeX

With an HDMI port (for example to connect to the external monitor), we also have a Type C USB port and two others believed to be USB 3.0. We also have a Type C USB charging port. We seem to have compatibility with the previous generation of flagship Galaxy S8 here. Note 8 compatibility will need to be verified later.

Samsung DeX was introduced with the Galaxy S8 and S8 + in 2017

Note also that there are no prices for DeX Pad, no price is official before the brand introduces it. However, according to the international press we will have the possibility here and use the smartphone itself as if it were a trackpad or a mouse. So while you still need an external monitor and / or keyboard, the mouse will be your smartphone.

This feature was introduced with Android Oreo and will allow the smartphone itself to be used as a peripheral. Thus nullifying the need to carry one more daily gadget. This new device will be presented next February 25 in Barcelona. Until then we will be aware of any news.

Finally, the price of the first generation Samsung DeX is around € 100 and it remains to be seen if the new generation will reach markets with the same value. Hopefully, at least without a price increase.

And you, do you use first generation DeX?

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Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a new secret, it's called DeX Pad

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