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Samsung Galaxy S9 represents Samsung's great ambition

Samsung Galaxy S9 Android
Samsung Galaxy S9 represents the future vision for South Korean technology @Forbes

How can Samsung make its next Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone shine next to the competition and stand out? Is a better processor enough? Will a new camera suffice? It should look similar to the Galaxy S8, probably with smaller margins. For now, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has no official release date yet. Now how can this product stand out and impose against the Apple iPhone X?

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The answer, as on the iPhone, should be biometrics. By the unlocking mechanisms of the smartphone. South Korean technology may be ready to introduce new fingerprint unlocking technology. Under the screen. Something that had long been debated.

Supporting such allegations we have the publication of the LetsGoDigital website. Here you are introduced to a new technology that should be featured in the Samsung Galaxy S9, in addition to all its other technical features.

This publication, in turn, is based on an international patent submission in April 2017. The same patent had already been registered in South Korea in 2016. Dates show us Samsung's ambition to advance this technology. Something that has not been easy.

Samsung's dream for your Galaxy S9

Under-screen fingerprint / biometric sensor allocation will allow smartphones to follow the current trend of larger screen / screen and better margins / bezels.

Or, in the case of Samsung, curved side screens that hide these same edges. That said, where could the fingerprint reader be? Other than in the strange position that was worth so much criticism of the Galaxy S8.

Note, there is no harm, especially from an engineering standpoint, in placing this sensor on the rear of the equipment. However, it would be ideal if it were in a central rather than lateral position. Moreover, from a design standpoint, its presence at the rear is not at all welcome. The design language is somewhat fragmented, disrupted.

The Apple Solution? Completely remove this unlocking mechanism that you call Touch ID. Instead he put on a reinforced facial recognition and called it Face ID. There were no iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and Apple would call Touch ID technology "completely outdated" – see jack 3.5mm.

New patent suggests Samsung Galaxy S9 screen revolution

As Forbes says, the Galaxy Note 8 was very close to relying on this new technology. However, towards the end the company was not satisfied enough with the color reproduction of the screen in the area where the fingerprint sensor was present.

As such, it chose to postpone this step until it could ensure uniform and unquestionable quality across the screen. No exceptions. Now the question is whether everything is ready in time for the Samsung Galaxy S9.


The patent whose images we can see above describes a fingerprint sensor that covers the entire screen. The entire length of the screen will be a giant biometric reader. It will also have a pressure sensor. Lastly, we have the glass coating.

The fingerprint reader would be activated in specific situations. Or rather if a certain pressure level was applied to the screen. The patent also shows the use of this sensor in various areas of the screen. Whether to access the secret folders on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or to access the bank application. Or even the secret photo gallery on your next Samsung Galaxy S9.

Can the Samsung Galaxy S9 finally incorporate this technology?

The same mechanism can be applied to download authentication, to make online payments, transactions and myriad other applications. All of them depending on your fingerprint.

Note, and it is extremely important to emphasize this point. The existence of a patent does not mean that this technology will be employed in the Samsung Galaxy S9, or any other device for that purpose. It means that, as described, the technology belongs solely to Samsung.

We can conclude, without falling into speculation, that this is a technology that the brand has been working on. Now we don't know whether or not to be present or ready in time for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The brand is expected to give a little taste, a little glimpse of its Samsung Galaxy S9 at the CES Las Vegas 2018 technology fair. It will be an opportunity to show this product to some investors. Not to the public. The product will not be displayed there. But it can undoubtedly give it an air of grace.

Anyway, what is your opinion about this technology? Would it be a big enough and significant asset to stand up to the iPhone X? For now, the doubts still surpass the certainties, on a large scale. The coming months will be full of leaksWe have no doubt about that.

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