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Samsung Galaxy S9. Real images or a mere clone with Android?

Android Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus clone
Is this the new high end Android?

Samsung Galaxy S9, the name of the next high end of the South Korean manufacturer. We know it will arrive at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, the second major technology event of the year. This one event that will take place in Barcelona It will also be used by Sony, Xiaomi and many other manufacturers to show us their new bets. Now we are faced with a simple question. Is this the new high end Android or a mere clone?

As we learned about yesterday at EBox, the South Korean manufacturer was most affected by the copy phenomenon. From the clone. From the pure and hard imitation of your devices with the Android operating system. Now what we didn't think was possible is the clone of your next high-end. Or Is this a real product? Are we finally looking at the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

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What is certain is that as we get closer to the start of Mobile World Congress 2018 (starting February 26), leaks are becoming more frequent. An increasingly dripping tap that refuses to slow down the leaking rhythm.

The brand will already have its next high-end Android ready to go. The devices are expected to be officially unveiled on 25/26 February with their arrival in markets shortly after. Thus, it is inevitable that on assembly lines in China someone will be able to pass some images "under the door".

Samsung Galaxy S9, clone or real product?

If you are surprised then you are advised to look in another market. O Mobile It has been several years since revealing all (or almost) its secrets prior to the official announcement of the product. Now, not to vary, and as if we hadn't seen some captivating details about your photographic department just yesterday, today we have a new photo gallery. All of these images supposedly depict the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Or … is this a mere clone (or rather clones)?

In the following photos we can see the next high-end Android from the South Korean manufacturer. Or at least one clone or a new smartphone inspired by the new upscale alignment. We even have various color schemes. From blue to silver. The images speak for themselves.

Mere clone of the high end Android or real product?


Note that all these photos were shared on the Weibo social network. They reached us through the KeyforWeb portal. Particularly interesting is the fact that this leakster (source of the information leak), nicknamed the blue Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus “cottage version" We well know how creative it is for manufacturers to call colors exalting adjectives.

Like other manufacturers, Samsung also instills a small I don't know what in the name of the colors. It is not enough to be a blue, silver / gray or black. No, it has to be a "mystical" Blue, a "Midnight Black, a Boreal Silver, and other names like that. It's fun to see how far manufacturers are going to turn a consumer / utility product into a product." Lux.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a "Plus" version

Not to mention the number of prototypes that usually precede the final product. Every shade of color, every brightness, every button, every new port, every aspect of the smartphone is tested a thousand times. I was not surprised if some of these prototypes escaped and blew a clone, or even more.

I'm very tempted to call it Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus clone. However, the product shown in these photos meets all information leaks and previous rumors. On the other hand, the clone may have been based on all this information that would ultimately lead to its creation. A great "vice versa". In short, I leave the final assessment to our readers. Use the comment box to clarify us.

If this is indeed the high-end Android called Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus then here we see clear inspirations in the Galaxy Note 8. Something that was also expected. It is particularly similar on its rear. In your camera alignment. We also have a new position for fingerprint sensor or biometric reader. Something we have also seen in previous rumors.

Android Oreo 8.0 will be the OS of Samsung Galaxy S9

The device itself appears to be a bit thicker than the S8 Plus released last year. However, yesterday we had an information leak that suggested the presence of a 3500mAh battery. Same capacity as current model. Unfortunately we are unable to determine whether or not there is a 3.5mm jack port. We will have to wait for further information leaks. In this generation, the main improvements will be concentrated on your camera.

Both equipment will arrive soon, in the last days of February. Until then, we will see at least one more clone of these Android smartphones. Or, I may be wrong and these are the real products. I leave the final verdict to you.

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