Samsung Galaxy S8 to have Xiaomi Mi Mix-inspired edge-to-edge display

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Today is a day of rumors and hot stories about the upcoming high-end of the world's largest Android smartphone maker, Samsung has already shown us the new color for its Galaxy S7 edge (Black Pearl) and now it's time to talk about its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S8 which will be presented next February at MWC Barcelona 2017 and which will hit the markets in March.

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We are in the high season for rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and after we have received the sad indication that the next high-end of the South Korean brand could emulate Apple and abandon the phone. jack 3.5mm, today we have good news. We know Samsung screens are the best on the screen and now imagine a device whose screen occupies close to 90% of the entire front surface. In short, a margin-by-margin screen! Where have we seen this? Yes, on the Xiaomi Mi Mix.
This new rumor comes to us through the Bloomberg news agency, which according to its own sources tells us that the Galaxy S8 will have two variants with 5.1 and 5.5 inches, as the current generation of S-line Galaxy's. Samsung should not equip its next high end dual camera rear alignment, it will remain the only photographic sensor on its rear panel so as not to increase the production costs of the Galaxy S8.

In the next Galaxy S8 we will be able to see the jack 3.5mm, while the Type C USB port should be present as well as a new one. design to accommodate an edge-to-edge or edge-to-edge display, similar to the phabet from Xiaomi. It is also suggested that the Galaxy S8 in its 5.5 inch screen variant (Galaxy S8 edge) adopts a Quad-HD resolution screen and not forgetting the new UI (the Samsung Experience).
Until its official presentation in February next year, we will still have many rumors and leaks of information about the Galaxy S8 but one thing is for sure, Samsung has to regain public confidence, wash its image and continue to innovate with the your products. Needless to say, a lot of pressure rests on the shoulders of the upcoming Galaxy S8 but I have no doubt that the South Korean brand will surprise us positively early next year.

Finally, I find it peculiar and even a little ironic that we see Xiaomi influencing the big players in this market so much. You can see that your Xiaomi Mi Mix was eye catching and personally would rather see Samsung betting on an edge-to-edge screen like Xiaomi than removing the jack 3.5mm just because Apple did it too.

And for you, what are the high expectations for the upcoming Galaxy S8? What would you like to see in these tops?

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