Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + can receive Dolby Atmos with Android Oreo

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8? We have bad news for you
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These news were detected in the North American version of the S8 with the SD835.

The test program for the new version of Android, Android Oreo will come to an end on January 15, 2018. From there, everything will be ready for this update to start reaching Samsung Galaxy S8 devices as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. By the end of January, users of this beautiful high-end will be able to enjoy the news. Dolby Atmos could be a big news.

Until then, this beta, the trial version of Android Oreo 8.0, will continue to be hard tested. This way, when you finally reach users you should no longer have errors, legends or bugs annoying. Now, however, and as the sammobile, A new firmware build adds support for Dolby Atmos audio.

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This means that as soon as the final version, ready for users, in its stable version (and preferably without bugs), we may have even more new features. In addition to the great list of improvements and additions of Android Oreo, would also come the Dolby Atmos audio.

Dolby Atmos will be on its way to the Samsung Galaxy S8

In fact, to all intents and purposes, according to some users of the reddit, this build is already stable. It will be ready to be available as soon as the South Korean brand gives its order and this is good news.

Some of these users – from reddit – wasted no time and have already installed the new build Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 +. Something that is not recommended for any and all users. It is not yet a finished and final compilation.

By the way, according to your feed back devices were not being verified by the Google Play store. In other words, although it is not a test build (Beta build), it will not be a final release, it is finished and stable.

Even so, according to the reports of these "adventurers", the compilation in question will be even more stable and with less bugs than the last beta build. Note that the latest beta was released a few days ago for users of both top of the line business.

The main novelties of this compilation are the inclusion of patch January security. The latest security package provided by Google itself. What's more, the big addition and big news is even the inclusion of Dolby Atmos mode in the System Settings itself.

Dolby Atmos Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Snapdragon 835
Functionality may come with next major system update

The Dolby Atmos equalizer came to some Android smartphones a few years ago, but few builders embraced this technology. However, it is now available to anyone who has root, root permissions on your smartphone. Something that the vast majority of users do not do.

Android Oreo can bring this Dolby Atmos to the Samsung Galaxy S8

Dolby Atmos itself can be used to create a more immersive feel. To create a more dynamic and comprehensive sound stage when listening to music with headphones or earphones.

It will be good to get the most out of some videos and movies on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and also on the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. Once you get the final version of Android Oreo, that is. By then, there should be a few days / weeks left.

This unfinished build was already based on Android Oreo and was intended only for drives using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This variant is popular in the North American market and a few other world markets. Note that in Europe all Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 + use an Exynos processor.

The question is whether the brand will even include this new tweak audio in the final version and ready for consumers. As soon as Android Oreo's global distribution begins we will know.

And would you like to have Dolby Atmos on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 +? Leave us your opinion below in the comments.

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