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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge reach end of line without Android Oreo

Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Oreo Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Oreo ibtimes
System upgrades for this generation of mobile devices are over © reuters

It's the end of the line for system and security upgrades for the entire Samsung Galaxy S6 family of devices. This covers Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and phablet Galaxy S6 edge Plus. Moreover, none of them will receive yet another official update to the Android system, let alone the update to the new version, Android Oreo.

The arrival of this moment was foreseen even though the rumors of the possible arrival of Android Oreo for moments dominated the technological current. The first report would be published on November 24, 2017 based on alleged statements by a Samsung representative. Thus would begin the "saga" of Android Oreo for the S6.

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This saga is coming to an end today with the most realistic outcome, something we had already warned about in the past. As tempting as that hypothesis was (the arrival of Android Oreo on the Samsung Galaxy S6), it never convinced us and it was just a fake news. In fact, we even unmask misinformation here.

This is the end of the line, the end of life for this generation of Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones. Moreover, the decision was already announced by the brand itself last Monday on April 2. As of now, none of these terminals will receive more Android system updates.

End of the line for the Samsung Galaxy S6

No Android Oreo, no system updates and no security updates for the Android system. That said, Samsung Galaxy S6 users are likely to be vulnerable to security breaches, breaches, or security holes over time. This will be the biggest drawback for any user of these mobile devices who for a moment still believed in Android Oreo. But fate eventually gives us reason, an end to all the deception.

No Android Oreo, No New Security Updates

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Oreo
The lifespan of this generation has come to an end. Our forecasts are confirmed.

Everything we claim here is based on removing the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the list of security updates for the operating system. Note that such updates are provided directly by Google with the brands having discretionary power here. They choose which models continue to receive updates and which updates are available.

An end already guessed for the Samsung Galaxy S6

In fact, every month Google compiles a new patch to address vulnerabilities and potential security holes. What's more, we also have fixes for the brand's own system (UI), the Samsung Experience. Then the South Korean manufacturer makes these patches every 3 months. Alternatively they are distributed monthly, depending on the model and update in question.

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