Although we are far from the official launch of the next Samsung Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30), it is more than known that the terminal should be in the final stage of construction and should be about to jump into mass production.

Therefore, it is more than likely that information leaks will begin to arrive more intensely in the near future. After all, the “Galaxy S” lines are one of the most important in the Android world.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will not bring built-in camera on the screen

Samsung Galaxy S20

Apparently, Samsung has yet to come up with the secret formula to give us a camera built into the screen. Apparently the front camera remains with a lower quality than expected. The report arrives from experts and insiders at Samsung.

Still, well-known market analyst Ross Young, who has proven himself correct in the past, said the technology is about to be realized and still gives us hope for the Galaxy S21. In his words, if the Samsung Galaxy S21 does not bring this technology, the Galaxy Fold 3 will.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S21 officially arrives at the beginning of the year and the Fold later in the year, it is possible that the S21 may even fail this technology. Unless it’s already ready for mass production.

Xiaomi has already mentioned that its technology will arrive next year

Xiaomi camera inside the screen

Samsung is not the only one competing for a place in the sun. Xiaomi has already officially stated that its technology will officially arrive for the year.

I remember that this year we didn’t see the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 being revealed officially. That is, it is possible that the terminal was waiting for the feature to be ready to be launched. Something that Samsung cannot afford to postpone on the Galaxy S21.

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