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Samsung Galaxy S21 will arrive with unexpected new security option

Samsung seems to be determined to create as much hype as possible around the arrival of its next tops of the range, even if it means the implementation of totally inappropriate features. According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will arrive with a new security option, voice unlock.

This information was advanced exclusively by the SamMobile website, the new functionality will be implemented in One UI 3.1 and will arrive as exclusive for the Galaxy S21. Interestingly, everything indicates that it will be the virtual assistant Bixby as a base, which is already causing controversy.

Hi Bixby security Samsung

Bixby never managed to get on the heels of Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, always showing itself to be far inferior both in its ability to offer complex responses and in recognizing voice commands. So it seems unlikely that this new form of security to unlock your smartphone is very reliable.

How unlocking with Bixby will work on the Samsung Galaxy S21

No concrete details have yet been revealed on how this implementation will be made, it has only been confirmed that in OneUI 3.1, unlocking the smartphone with Bixby will be among the list of security options.

Some time ago, it was possible to unlock Samsung smartphones with voice commands like “Hi Bixby”, but that functionality was eventually removed. Most likely, the new implementation will take a very similar approach.

However, this will not be a feature that many users should use, at least those who value the security of their smartphone. If facial recognition has already generated great controversy because it is possible to deceive, this new addition will be even easier.

Bixby Samsung Galaxy S21

It seems unlikely that Samsung will be able to implement a tool that does not allow any person with a recording of the user’s voice to gain access to the smartphone.

We will need to wait until it is officially released, but this new way of unlocking the smartphone, seems to be just another of the totally useless features that Samsung insists on continuing to bring to its smartphones.

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