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Nintendo Switch Reaches 2.74 Million Units Sold

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Xiaomi launched a PC webcam for an impressive price

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100x (digital) magnification for the Galaxy S20 Ultra zoom

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 may have functionality that should have come already in Mi Band 4!

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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will have to bring earphones and charger. Here’s the reason

Apple said it wanted to be more “green” with the new iPhone 12 and decided to remove the earphones and charger from the box. Well, the new information directly from South Korea says that Samsung can do the same on the Samsung Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30).

It was mentioned a few days ago that Samsung is thinking of following the same strategy. However, here are some reasons for Samsung not to do so. At least for now.

Samsung can’t bite its tongue anytime soon

Samsung attack Apple

We really have to start with a personal touch in this article (although we would like to leave it for last). This is because as soon as Apple unveiled the new iPhones, Samsung wasted no time making fun of the brand for excluding the “essential” accessories from the box. To be more concrete, with the image above.

Although it is not the first time that Samsung has enjoyed with Apple and then does the same (cof cof entry 3.5), it usually doesn’t happen right on the next model.

Samsung takes advantage of the revelation of the next smartphone to take another peck and only after that it follows in the footsteps of the competition.

Disappearance of charger and earphones is almost guaranteed

Unfortunately I believe that Apple will not be the only one to take these steps and I am almost sure that more manufacturers will do so. Not because they want to be “green”, but because they will save a few millions.

Not only in the accessories but also in the transport of the products to the whole world. That is, if the box is smaller and weighs less, it means that they can take more units for the same weight and transport space.

If they really wanted to be green, they would give free earphones and chargers to all users who bought the new iPhones and decided they really need a new charger or earphones.

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