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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will have a (seriously) questionable build

We return to the conversation with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 (or Samsung Galaxy S30). We already had a look at what its design and specifications will look like, now it’s time to talk about the construction material.

According to the latest information, Samsung will be preparing to build the future top of the range Samsung Galaxy S21 in plastic. Identical to what we saw in Note 20 in its cheapest version.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will be built of plastic

Samsung Galaxy S21 S30

In fact, it is not exactly plastic in the eyes of the manufacturer. Samsung calls it “glastic“. A junction of plastic and glass that makes the material more resistant and allows the addition of wireless charging.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung is betting on glass in its high-end smartphones. So it does not seem to me that this is an easy decision looking for something premium.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Incidentally, Samsung was one of the first to bring glass as a building material at the rear. At a time when Apple bet on metal and LG on leather. Only Sony tried to match the build quality.

Glastic that arrives on the Galaxy Note 20 and S20 FE

O “glastic“was mentioned before the new Note 20 was launched and also reached the Galaxy S20 FE. A device with a more appealing price and that is gaining fame and traction in the market.

In the video that was shared a few months ago, we see Samsung saying that plastic is not that bad. The truth is that I am already beginning to believe that they are right. It may not even look so Premium, however, the concerns will not be the same.

My fear is that Samsung will choose a material (obviously) less Premium, however, continue to charge the same price for their smartphones.

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