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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30): this is the name of the new smartphone screen technology

Samsung is preparing its new smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S30) promise to be devices that will make a big statement in the market. In fact, every year the Galaxy S bring relevant news.

Samsung has just registered a new term for its display technology called “Blade Bezel”. This name was registered in the official entities of South Korea and the rumors refer that it will be integrated in the new Samsung Gaalxy S21.

What is the Blade Bezel on the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30)

Samsung Blade Bezzel

Unfortunately, the regulator did not describe the technology in a concrete way. In other words, we still have no idea what “Blade Bezel” means.

We only know that Samsung is working on a way to further reduce smartphone margins. In fact, in recent years we have seen the company evade curved screens to give us flat screens.

The name “Blade Bezel”, could mean that. A margin as narrow as a blade. I remember that Samsung is one of those responsible for the small (lower) margins of the iPhone.

Apple has since iPhone X that “folds” the screen inside the smartphone in order to deduce the bottom margin of the smarpthone. For now, no other manufacturer does that.

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S21

It is more than expected that we will have (at least) 3 new models. However, Apple launched 4 models this year with a “mini”. That is, it is expected that Samsung will compete with this smartphone in some way.

For now the screens of smartphones have been getting bigger, hopefully Samsung also wants to give us a top of the range with smaller proportions.

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