Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) may arrive much earlier than expected

Galaxy S20

It will not be surprising to anyone that Samsung is already working on its next tops of the range. If all goes as usual, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 or S30 should only be introduced in February 2021.

However, a new report from South Korea states that Samsung Galaxy S21 could be revealed later this year. In the worst case, the new trio could be introduced as early as January.

This information cites sources close to the South Korean technology production chain. Apparently, these were ordered to start manufacturing components for the Galaxy S21 as early as next month.

Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S21 presented in December seems unlikely

Given this decision, it could be speculated that the Samsung Galaxy S21 would be officially revealed as early as December this year. However, the lack of constant leakage of information leads us to believe that this is unlikely to happen.

Something that also contradicts this possibility is the fact that the new Samsung Galaxy S21 comes equipped with the Snapdragon 875 or Exynos 1080 processor. Qualcomm’s new SoC will be presented on December 1 and will hardly be ready to board a device in the same month.

Therefore, if the anticipation of the Galaxy S21 (S30) presentation is confirmed, January is the most credible scenario. Something that would give Samsung and its partners more time to optimize the components of the upcoming trio.

S Pen will be the great asset of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The same source also reiterates the scenario that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will come with a built-in S Pen. An accessory loved by fans of the brand, but which has remained exclusive to the Note line.

However, bringing the S Pen to the Galaxy S line makes the Note line less meaningful in Samsung’s portfolio. There has been talk of a possible disappearance of this line for several years, so it would not be a total surprise.

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