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Luigi’s set from LEGO Super Mario is a reality

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Google: Someone forgot the Pixel 3 XL in a cab!

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro: image confirms new details about its design

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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30): manufacturer (almost) confirms early release

It has been said for some time that Samsung will launch its Samsung Galaxy S21 (it could also be Galaxy S30) in advance.

Rumors say the terminal will be officially unveiled on January 14. Slightly earlier than the predecessors that are revealed in February or early March.

Samsung executive talks about the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30)

Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30)

A South Korean publication asked one of Samsung’s executives about the launch of the smartphone. The company usually has a firm opinion in denying rumors, however, this time it didn’t. Quite the opposite.

The Samsung executive even went so far as to say that the market is always changing and nothing is guaranteed regarding the launching traditions of their smartphones.

Although it is not a direct confirmation, it is possibly the statement that most portrays a possible anticipation in the official revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30).

What to expect from Samsung and its next flagship

It is said that Samsung will give more life to the Ultra model. In addition to giving you new possibilities in the camera, some rumors suggest that the Asian company will reveal, for the first time, a SPen for the “S” model.

The other Galaxy S21 are still unknown. The design, however, is already known. A device identical to its predecessor and with slight differences in the positioning of the rear cameras.

It remains for us to know what your new line will look like. Apple unveiled the “Mini” models this year and if we know Samsung well, something like that could happen. A high-end equipment but with a smaller size.

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