Samsung Galaxy S21: know the details of your screens

Samsung Galaxy S21: know the details of your screens

There are several rumors that point to the trio Samsung Galaxy S21 being presented as early as January. And the truth is that rumors about the next South Korean top of the range appear more often.

This time, the renowned leaker Ice Universe informed the world about some important details regarding the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Contrary to what happened with the S20 generation, the differences will be more than just its dimensions.

The three products in the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) series are designed with four sides of equal width. Among them, S21 and S21 + are 2D screens, and S21U is a curved screen.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) October 21, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the only one with a curved screen on the sides

This is the main data that we can take from what Ice Universe shared on his Twitter page. The Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + will come with 2D panels, that is, flat. The curved sides will be reserved for the Ultra model.

This move by Samsung turns out not to be a surprise. The South Korean did the same this year by launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 without curved sides. This was reserved for the respective Ultra model.

In addition, the source reveals that the screen margins will be symmetrical across all models. This means that the bottom of the screen of the upcoming Galaxy S21 will have a smaller margin than usual.

The dimensions of the screens of the three members of the Galaxy S21 line remained to be revealed. With the rumors appearing more frequently in the last few days, I believe that, soon, we will learn more about the topic.

If the Samsung Galaxy S21 is actually presented in January, the next few weeks will be abundant in information about these smartphones. By this time, the equipment will have to be in the final stage of development, something that enhances the appearance of more and more credible information.

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