Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S20 on February 11th. For the first time the South Korean manufacturer will launch an ‘Ultra’ model, which promises to be the highlight of the line this year.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will almost tread the tablet ground with its impressive 6.7 inches. Even more impressive is that it will be larger than the Galaxy Note 10+, as revealed by leaker Max Weinbach.

Weinbach shared a photo on Twitter, where she places the Galaxy Note 10+ next to a model of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which will have the same dimensions as the actual device.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra proves to be larger than the Note, but also a more curved device. This is not a strange difference, as it follows the design trend that differentiates the two lines.

Galaxy 20 Ultra cameras will be aligned

Please note that the Galaxy S20 Ultra should not have misaligned cameras, as in the mockup here. The same leaker has already shared a hands-on video from the Galaxy S20, and they appear aligned.

As is usual with this type of information, we should always see it with a pinch of salt. However, it is not surprising that this model is even larger than the Note 10+. February 11th we will have the answer to this and other questions.

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