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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro in drop test! Which one is the best?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was placed next to Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro in order to know which two would be more resistant in a falling scenario.

Both terminals are made mostly of glass, that is, neither will have the capacity to resist as much as the older models that were built in metal.

Watch video of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro

In this video we see the two smartphones side by side. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra won in the final tests, although at the end of the day, the iPhone 11 Pro was the smartphone that withstood the final falls.

In the first fall we see that the design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra got the better of it. This is because the hump of Samsung’s smartphone cameras ended up safeguarding the glass on the back. On the iPhone 11 Pro, we can’t say the same. The smartphone broke completely as soon as it fell backwards.

Smartphones too expensive to leave so simply

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Apple

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Both devices cost over € 1000 and their resistance is far from being of quality.

It is time for manufacturers to improve this aspect. Although I like the glass construction for the possibility of giving us wireless charging, I have to admit that I get “with my heart in my hands” when my smartphone falls to the floor.

Therefore, if you have one of these models it is best to buy a protective cover. Also remember to buy a glass film for the screen. Although it doesn’t make the smartphone more pleasant, you will end up safeguarding the money invested.

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