Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. All the secrets of the interior in official video

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Consumers already get used to watching videos where smartphones are taken apart – so-called teardown. These were popularized by platforms like iFixit, but there are many brands that also already make their own videos of this genre.

Samsung decided to turn things around, and instead of sharing a video of the Galaxy S20 Ultra to be taken apart, we see it being mounted. In a reverse process, we start by seeing the various components dispersed, and these are being assembled as the video unfolds.

As you would expect, the first major highlight of the video goes to the rear cameras of the smartphone. The 108 megapixel sensor is quite noticeable, as is the telephoto lens that has the 100x Space Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

THE motherboard it presents itself with a size that was already expected to be generous. This is because in addition to the Snapdragon 865 processor and the 5G X50 modem, it contains LPDDR5 RAM.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is yet another high-quality engineering job from Samsung. The smartphone dazzles for its visible capabilities, and in this video for those that are normally invisible.

If, like us, you like to know all the details of a device, this is the kind of video that you will love. O teardown it is not done with the detail that we recognize in iFixit and its repair tests, but we can already get a little sense of the interior of this equipment.

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