The last few days have been filled with information regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S20. After the first shots of the equipment, now we have the first video hands-on from smartphone.

This short video was posted by well-known XDA Developers forum editor Max Weinbach, This is the same source as the photographs revealed yesterday, so we can confirm the veracity of these images.

Samsung Galaxy S20 + Design Confirmed

Thanks to this video confirms the design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 +. We have a curved screen on the sides, with small margins and a center hole for your front camera.

The equipment presented is functional and we can confirm that the Galaxy S20 + will come with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Your location now appears to be slightly higher, which may be more comfortable.

Already in the rear is confirmed the presence of a square module for your camera. This model will come with at least four cameras, not being noticeable if there is a fifth ToF sensor on the bottom right of the module.

120Hz display only in Full HD + confirmed

This was one of the news released earlier today by Ice Universe and now Max Weinbach confirms such a limitation. Your source has confirmed that this high refresh rate will only be functional at Full-HD + resolution.

Galaxy S20 update

Those who want higher resolution will have to make compromises on the screen refresh rate. This will be limited to 60Hz, which is the same as Samsung devices currently use.

This measure concerns concerns of the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy S20. A higher refresh rate will require more power and the South Korean will want to balance things by imposing a lower screen resolution.

Samsung Galaxy s20 + will come with 25W fast charging

Max Weinbach is still in a position to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S20 + will come with 25W fast charging. Inside the box will be a wall adapter capable of delivering this speed.

This is the same speed as on the Galaxy Note 10, so the Galaxy S20 Ultra could be the only one with 45W fast charging. If Samsung did it last year with the Note 10, it’s no scandal to do it again.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 trio will be unveiled to the world on February 11th. This date is approaching, so the flow of information on these models tends to increase more and more.

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