Samsung Galaxy S20 is registering sales far below expectations

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will only arrive in Europe on March 13, but in South Korea these tops can now be purchased in stores. Taking stock of the first day of sales of this trio, the results are not very encouraging.

According to what is being advanced by the press. the Galaxy S20 totaled around 70,800 copies sold. A figure that is about half of that recorded by the Galaxy S10 in the same period.

These numbers contradict the projections made by many analysts even before the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S20. They believed that the new tops would be more successful on the market than their predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Coronavirus is primarily responsible for the weak sales of the Galaxy S20

The latest epidemic that is affecting the globe is pointed out as the main factor for the poor performance of the Samsung Galaxy S20. This virus is not only affecting production lines, it is also influencing the number of sales.

The latest known data point to about 2580 people infected with the Coronavirus in South Korea alone. Given this statistic, it is natural that people are withdrawing from a shopping trip other than for essential goods.

High prices also have a responsibility

Still, the price of these tops can also be a justification for this discouraging number. It should be noted that the Galaxy S20 starts at 929 €, a value that is not at all inviting.

This is the most economical price for the tops of the South Korean range, since the Galaxy S20 Ultra starts at an exorbitant € 1379. That is, not everyone has the monetary power to buy these smartphones.

The theory of high prices makes even more sense when we look, for example, at sales of the Xiaomi Mi 10. Although China is one of the most affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, this flagship has repeatedly sold out when offered for sale. It is worth noting that the base model of the Xiaomi Mi 10 starts at 526 €, much more affordable than the 929 € of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Still, it is too early to pass a failure certificate to the new Samsung Galaxy S20. These models have not yet reached markets such as Europe or the USA and when this happens, this negative trend can be reversed.

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