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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy Note 20 will be the next to receive the desired update

This week began the process of upgrading the Galaxy S20 line to Android 11. These were the first South Korean flagship to receive the novelty, but it was difficult not to notice the absence of the Galaxy S20 FE and Note 20 in this process.

To the delight of those who own any of these tops, Android 11 is expected to arrive on the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy Note 20 soon. It is expected that later this month the new firmware is available for both devices.

Android 11 should reach the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE before the end of the year

According to Max Weinbach, there are two possible dates for the launch of Android 11 for this device. The closest will be on December 14th, however, this can happen only on the 27th of the same month.

12/1412 / 27Possible One UI 3 update release dates for Note20 and S20 FE

– Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) December 3, 2020

When Samsung launched Android 11 for the main Galaxy S20, it was promised to release this update for the S20 FE “in the coming weeks”. However, this time window turns out to be quite vague.

The information that Weinbach brings to the public today helps to reduce this uncertainty. Something that everyone who owns a Galaxy S20 FE wants to get it done as quickly as possible.

Galaxy Note 20 will be part of this new wave of updates

In his post on the social network Twitter, Max Weinbach included the Galaxy Note 20 in this range. That is, the top of the range launched last August should also end 2020 with the latest version of Android already available.

It turns out to be curious that the Note 20 was not included in the first batch of updates for Android 11. It is the custom of technology companies to update their latest tops of the range simultaneously to the new version of their software.

Possible calendar of Samsung updates for Android 11 / One UI 3.0

January 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

February 2021

March 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Samsung Galaxy M31
  • Samsung Galaxy M30S
  • Samsung Galaxy M21

April 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Samsung Galaxy M51

May 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy A80
  • Samsung Galaxy A71
  • Samsung Galaxy A70
  • Samsung Galaxy A31
  • Samsung Galaxy A21S

June 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • Samsung Galaxy A01
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 Core
  • Samsung Galaxy M11

July 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  • Samsung Galaxy A30

August 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy A 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy A30S
  • Samsung Galaxy A20S
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy A10S
  • Samsung Galaxy A10

September 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019)

It should be noted that this list was based on rumors that are known about the Samsung update schedule for the new version of One UI. If you have one of these devices, it is important that you keep an eye out for news that may arise in the future.

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