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Samsung Galaxy S20 bets on functionality popularized by the iPhone

The new high-end smartphones from Samsung will be presented next February 11, at the Unpacked Event. A few days before the official announcement, there are few secrets to be revealed, but now we have access to an interesting novelty for those who use smartphones for video.

According to Max Weinbach, from the XDA Developers forum, the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra will be launched with the possibility of recording video with its main camera, wide angle and telephoto simultaneously.

also because you guys totally missed it in the S20 one, the S20 will take pics out of 2 or 3 of the lenses and will let you choose pictures after the fact. It’s called Quick Take

– Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) February 2, 2020

‘Quick Take’ will allow you to record video simultaneously with multiple cameras

According to this same source, the functionality will be called ‘Quick Take’. At the end of the recording it will be possible to go to the gallery and choose the ‘version’ of the video that you like best, or use the three in an edition that can give you more versatility.

It is good to remember that this feature is not exactly a novelty in the field of smartphones. The LG V40, launched in 2018, had a feature called ‘Triple Shot’ that worked along the same lines.

This possibility became even more popular after Apple announced it during the launch of the iPhone 11. However, this is possible on the latest equipment from Apple thanks to an app called DoubleTake.

This is not the type of functionality that will be decisive for many users to choose the Galaxy S20 over another device. But for those who will use the smartphone for video, this is undoubtedly a feature to take into account.

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