Samsung Galaxy S11: Protective glasses reveal size difference between models!

Samsung Galaxy S11: Protective glasses reveal size difference between models!

As might be expected, as the new year approaches, rumors and leaks about Samsung’s new flagship products continue to increase in volume. Having been hypothesized that the name will be the Galaxy S20 after all, now the reputed leaker Ice Universe has published a photograph showing us the protective glasses for the three models.

With the ever-increasing screen size on smartphones, many users looking for a more compact smartphone are becoming disillusioned with the current market offering. The image published by leaker ends up bringing good news for these users.

Size difference between Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11 will be considerable

As you can see in the picture, between Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus the difference will be minimal. On the other hand, it is with good eyes that we see the Galaxy S11e appear much smaller than the other models.

According to several rumors, it is believed that the more modest model could come with a 6.2 “screen. If confirmed, it will be a considerable increase compared to its predecessor, which has a 5” screen, 8 “inches.

In its publication, Ice Universe, did not confirm the dimensions of the screens. However, the Galaxy S11 is expected to have a 6.7 “inch panel and the” Plus “model a 6.9” inch screen.

The increase in screen size may be great for media consumption and overall user experience, but it comes with several points against it. To ensure that the experience is not negative, the brand will have to rely on larger capacity batteries to ensure acceptable autonomy.

The capacity of your batteries will be even more important considering that several rumors claim that these screens have arrived with a 120Hz refresh rate.

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